What is a pet sitter?

Well, someone who sits pets, obviously…but it’s more than that.

Petting sitting or animal sitting is a similar to babysitting but for animals. But again, it’s more than that. Many pet sitting companies offer a wide variety of services to walking, feeding, overnight sitting/sleepovers, emergency transportation, vacation sitting, in-home house sitting, bathing, teeth care, special care for young animals, or for older. But it’s not like boarding, but sometimes there is confusion between the two. Pet sitting is usually defined as act of caring for a pet in the home of the owner or “parents” while they are away. The pet sitting I do, is a mix of both, I care for patients in their owners home, and in my home/apartment (if needed).

Some people love their pets like they are family, and if they are, they need and should be treated as so. However, there is actual facts and advantages in pet sitting over boarding:

  • They get to stay in their regular environment and that reduces their anxiety.
  • Diet, exercise activities are the same.
  • They do not have to travel to a boarding location and be around other animals.

While in-home pet sitting doesn’t work for everyone, I often take on clients, who want their pet to be cuddled at night, and run free, and know that the services in-home can sometimes be limited or more stressful for the owner. Some pet sitters only watch certain animals, whether just dogs, or just cats. Me? I will watch any animal, because I love animals…and I am also a semi-broke college student.

Every pet owner has different ideas of what a pet sitter to do, so it’s always good to go in with the open mind and be flexible. Everyone’s pet is different, responds differently and has different needs so be mindful that it is a business and the customer is always right!

If you are unsure if this business is right for you, there are some basic things to consider:

  • Do you love animals? (If no, maybe it would not be a good idea…)
  • Do you like the idea of working from home, or creating your own schedule?

There are obviously, more things to consider before becoming an pet sitter but these are some of the basic duties and things to consider before jumping in.

Personally, I love to love animals, and like the wet kisses, and don’t mind cleaning up the accidents!


If you are interested in learning more, keep following for more information on how I started to turn my dog walking business into pet sitting and how it is helping me learn more about myself, and animals while continuing my education.