Tips for pet sitters

Since I’ve started pet sitting, I haven’t seen it all…but I have seen a lot. I have a few tips for some newbie’s that may be helpful when trying to grow your new business and some things you may encounter.

I call it my 5 steps to be more than just the pet babysitter….

1) Network…and get the word out:

You will need to start letting people know you are starting a business, what it entails and what you charge. Tell your family, friends, neighbors, co-workers and offer yourself to help with any small pet related task. Create a Facebook page for your pet sitting services, and be active on it! Ask for reviews to build trust – on to #2.

2) Build trust by giving superior care and service:

In every business, you want to provide top of the line service and customer service but it is imperative to start this early. Good referrals are great but bad reviews are worse. You will need to make sure you are not only representing yourself, but now your business and services. You want to leave an impression. Create referral bonuses, discounts, etc.

3) Figure out service you want to provide specifically (if not all):

Become the expert. If you want to walk the animals over, if you want to pet sit at the homeowners home, or yours. All of these decisions are crucial to make sure that you are focused on your goals, and give you the best chance of success. This also allows you to be super focused on this specifically. If you want to do it all, that is fine too, but start with one specialty, become trusted, knowledgeable and then it allows you to make it a scale-able business.

4) Hone in on specialty services:

This is the up sell to customers and potential clients. Are your targeted clients the ones that work – and want their dogs to walked while work? Why not offer play time with another dog, a bath, teeth cleaning, dog park, etc. All of these can increase the revenue you are bring in. Is your target client the people who go away on vacation throughout the year and their pet stays with you? If so, how about offering a bathing service the day they get back, so they are nice and clean.

5) Scale it:

This is the hardest part because it is the most work. It requires time management, and organization. As you start getting more clients and customers, its natural that you will become busy. Trust me, this is a good problem to have, but you need to make sure you can maintain the trust and superior care the animals and owners have come to expect. If you drop the ball here, it is game over.

I hope some of these tips help you in deciding if pet sitting is right for you, or helps you build and scale your small business. If you have any questions or comments let me know and if you have other small things you have implemented, scare the resources!

And here’s a cute video just because 🙂