The one man show, isn’t always easy….

So I’m heading to Pennsylvania to stay with my girlfriend in a week or so celebrate Passover….which should be interesting, so I’m doing some research on the area, to find some cool stuff for us to do. They are about 45 minutes away from Philadelphia and since I already planned out the time frame to be away from school, and not miss any of my clients needs as well. I want to have some fun while away. Anyone know of some things going on or where to go? Besides dog parks, which I know we will visit with her Golden!

That is the tough part about this business – leaving, planning vacations. As a one man show, I find it tough to to be able step away, successfully. As a small business owner, I know that is the biggest and most difficult thing – to grow, so I shouldn’t complain. 21 years old, in school, successful business. However, while I am away, I wish I was also earning money with clients. So I think the next post will be about how to grow, when to hire employee’s and what my next steps are. It may be a little bit though, because after this trip comes finals, and I need to ace them.

Anyway, I found a couple really good FREE DIY Carpet cleaning tips for your pesky little animal friends that can be found here. I will definetely put some of these to good use with my larger furry friends who tend to have bigger stains.

Thank you to a local Carpet Cleaning in New Hope¬†for sponsoring this ad and providing tips and tricks on your website for all of us who may not have the funds to frequently get our carpets professionally cleaned. We appreciate you, and know that your customers have been satisfied with your pet stain removals for years – I know my girlfriends family will recommend you over any of the other ones they have used so that’s a good sign.

+++ For the referrals.

Talk to you all soon.

– Marion