Growing your business online – The basics for pet sitters

To follow up on my last post about growing your business it’s important we look at the basics of how the internet can help scale any business.

Yellowpages and direct mail, may still work, but for animal sitting? Probably not. There are a lot of ways to go about it, but the best way is through internet marketing. While this is only my opinion, and maybe it’s because I am techy and young, I just know I search for everything I do and need online. I find the person with the best reviews or best ranking, and I reach out.

There are many ways to target your ideal audience for pet sitting, outside of the internet too…think Vet offices, boarding places (if they let you, sometimes competitive), local gyms, coffee shops, etc. However, my biggest ROI has been through my website, working on growing out my Facebook Page, and getting customers just from there.

It’s not easy, and for some business owner’s who are less techy it may serve as a difficult battle; but it doesn’t need to be.

Here are some free ways to help your business online:

1) Free advertising on craigslist!
2) Facebook groups, business facebook page, and status to grow your base.

And if you don’t have a website, get one…now. This is where I made the mistake personally for a few years. I didn’t know there was a way for me to have people who were searching for me, see my website, see my services. I knew that I provided the top quality, and best care for their pets, even better than my competition but outside of word of mouth, nobody could find me.

I took the time to create a simple website, learn some basic skills and get my website ranked in my local city, here is some pointers, if you have a website:

– Make it just like you, AWESOME!
– Make it readable, and not boring.
– Make sure it is mobile friendly!
– Make sure you are writing a good amount on each page about what you offer.

These are just some tips, I have used to help me grow my business and I know will help you as well.

Thank you to a Philadelphia SEO Company, Local Marketing Solutions for sponsoring this ad, and giving us some good idea’s and feedback.

If you guys have any free pointers as well, feel free to share so we can all grow our businesses online to be better and busier with our furry friends.