Hello fellow animal sitters, animal lovers, or just people who like animal photo’s 🙂

My name is Marion and I live in Houston, TX. I am 21 years old and I am studying to be a Veterinarian. For as long as I can remember I always loved animals…all animals…even the weird ones nobody ever likes (ex: skunks). All animals intrigue me and I find them all special in their own way. When my parents got divorced, I started dog walking to help with some of the bills around the house. Dog walking turned quickly into dog sitting for my friends, family and neighbors when they went away. It turned into a fun way for me to make some quick cash, but it also turned into a passion. To be able to provide a service to people who loved their animals as much as I did, and they trusted me with them.

Instead of going away to school, I stayed close to my mom to help with the bills and continue to grow my animal sitting business while studying. I hope that I can provide tips, and pointers for those starting out, how to care for your animals, show you silly little things I find or do with the animals I’m sitting, or how I am going to make this grow.

I hope to one day own an animal sitting (NOT BOARDING!) company, be the main Veterinarian and get massive amounts of dog kisses from cute little (and big) dogs.

If you are interesting in following my journey, or sharing stories, please follow my blog! I would love to work with other students working to grow their business and passion or other animal sitting individuals.

And here’s a silly dog sitting photo to make you laugh….